I am a full-time employee at Microsoft in Seattle, working on Windows deployment. I graduated from Brown University with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2013. During my undergrad, I was a TA for 6 classes over 5 semesters.

I love computer systems. I have experience in computer graphics, game engine design, operating system development and computer networking. I've written a SQL query or two and have built a few server-centric web apps.

My current areas of interest include in-browser development, game development, computer graphics, and distributed computing. I enjoy learning, distilling, teaching and practicing with personal projects. In my offtime, I enjoy being outdoors, listening to and playing music, and being a couch potato.

On the Web

My GitHub
Where most of my hack projects end up.
Fracture Studios
In my spare time, I help develop an indie game with the other members of Fracture. We have published some of our work on our GitHub page.
Peebles Lab
I used to co-author and draw a webcomic about science and math.