David Kilian
[email protected]

I am a full-time employee working for Microsoft in Seattle.
I graduated from Brown University with a B.S. in Computer Science in May of 2013.

I love computer systems! I have experience in graphics, game engines, audio processing, and operating systems.
Lately I have been interested in learning more about distributed storage, networking and cryptography.

I'm a quick study, and I love to learn and to teach.

Work Experience
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

SDE II on Windows Deployment, August 2013-Present



Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Brown University Computer Science Dept.
Side Projects Technologies

Most proficient: C/C++, C#

My interest in systems programming keeps bringing me back to these languages.

C# was my first real programming language. I learned to develop using Windows Forms, XNA, MSSQL, and many features of the .NET framework. My studies in computer graphics and audio helped me learn to write performant C++, and my current job lead me to learn more about writing C/C++ applications with a focus on maintainability. During my job I set aside some time to learn new features introduced in C+11 and C++14.

Also know: Python, Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, Go

I have used these for non-trivial projects, but it's been long enough I may be rusty.

I go to Python whenever I need a quick script. I picked up Java for coursework, including on Android for a 2D game seminar. I built Peebles Lab (see Side Projects) from scratch using HTML, CSS and PHP. Recently I've started studying Go, but am not yet very experienced with it.

Other tools, platforms, frameworks: OpenGL, Windows, Git, Qt, Bash


I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University, for which I took the following courses:

The most recent version of this document is available at http://www.davekilian.com/resume.html.